Published: April 5, 2017

Restoring Our Forests – One Woman At a Time

Women as a Force of Nature, On Behalf of Nature


We are calling for women to become treesisters by contributing monthly to tropical reforestation.

We are planting well over One Million Trees per year, and are now aiming for One Million Trees per month, then per week, and then per day – which we will achieve when 700,000 of us are standing for the trees. This is what is needed.

What if womankind decided to usher in a new identity for humanity?

What if we collectively chose to evolve into a restorer species – recognizing the privilege of caretaking our world back into balance?

Alone, a woman is a force of nature. Together, with our hearts united around the world that sustains us, we can unleash a force of love that turns our world around.

We are calling the Grandmothers, Mothers, Sisters, Aunts, Daughters 

The wild women 

The crones 

The seers and midwives 

The mountain and desert women

The soul summoners 

The water carriers 

The tenders and feelers of Earth

The ocean women who are rising the tide

The fire women who are ready to roar

The girls who already breathe consciously with the trees 

and the Elders who choose to sing the song that ends the desecration of our world –

We are calling you to to rise together now – 

You are invited – to unite and awaken to who and what you really are,

on behalf of the forests, on behalf of the trees, on behalf of Life. 

The trees are calling…

Please help us grow a mighty river of generosity towards the trees.

TreeSisters exists to radically accelerate Tropical Reforestation by inspiring and channelling women’s nature-based feminine leadership into local and global action.

With our vetted Planting Partners we are planting mangroves in Madagascar, forest corridors in the Atlantic Rainforest of Brazil, reforesting slopes of Mount Kenya, and replenishing desertified lands of southern India (see Our Trees for more details).

When you give to the trees – we gift you a wealth of personal soul nourishment (see below). Becoming a treesister is literally a gift to yourself, and to the world.

Will you stand along side us in restoring our natural world?


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