Published: September 13, 2016

NOTE: Growing Up Farms is now closed.

Growing Up Farms is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to changing the modern food system.

In 2013 we set out to prove that healthy produce can be grown sustainably in urban areas where most of our food is consumed.

WE BELIEVE that food is the tie that binds all of humanity. Food nourishes the Body, the Soul, and the entire Person. We have built an Aquaponic, vertical farm facility in San Francisco that demonstrates that urban farming, growing food close to the point of consumption, is an integral part of the future of feeding our urban communities and improving our food choices.

Food is a central theme in every culture, community and family. While it impacts us on a global level, and is certainly the source of much political discourse, there are simple issues that Growing Up Farms will address at a local level that we know will make a difference and can be used as a model for larger scale implementation. We believe that land conservation is critical and that our behavior now directly affects future generations. Our current food production systems use a great amount of resources and are the cause of significant pollution to an already over-taxed environment. Growing Up Farms sees a solution that is easy to implement, sustainable, cost-effective, and community-focused. By establishing urban food production facilities that are community-centric, we can create positive change in how people relate to their food.

Food production from the facility will be used to educate the community to make better food and health choices. Revenue from the sales of the produce will provide a financially sustainable non-profit model.

When you decide to partner with Growing Up Farms you are joining us in the fight to make our food system more just and more sustainable.

We are looking for restaurant and institutional partners who share our vision of a more sustainable food system. Whether buying produce, having us purpose-grow produce for you or having us design and build a system, your organization is helping us reach our goal of improving a broken food system.