Published: April 21, 2016


by kincoffee

Meet Mike and Tabi. For years they’ve had a dream of owning a local coffee shop. Mike began working as a barista and Tabi as a stylist in the film world. After drinking too many mediocre (at best) cups of coffee on set they saw the need to bring these two worlds together. They purchased a vintage camper with the hope to turn it into a mobile coffee business named KIN that will bring great coffee to all kinds of events.

The camper currently resides in Brooklyn, NY where they have completed 90% of the renovations themselves, using salvaged and reclaimed materials. All of KIN’s products aim to support the local community and environment. KIN is fully set-up to be 100% off grid. With a solar-powered system and it’s own alkalized water and plumbing. They are on Kickstarter to raise the remaining amount needed to turn their labor of love into a fully functioning mobile coffee shop.