Published: January 4, 2016


Eco Mushroom by RISEpad can remove street pollution

by Joe

Roads are a highly polluted areas, with polluted air rising up and spreading across an area to create a blanket of toxic atmosphere – not to mention the impact on climate change. The ‘Eco Mushroom’ is a compact design for a solar powered street light equipped with CO2 scrubber to help remove some of this pollution. This artificial mushroom houses four directional LED street lights and an Air Purification System (APS). Four intakes suck in polluted air and pass it through the APS, positioned centrally within the structure. The purified air is finally released through the annular vent on the air duct built around the light pole. A network of Eco Mushrooms integrated into the existing roads could help curb automotive pollution effectively while allowing for smart integration that can send information to a central hub about pollution trends and maintenance needs

The article above was submitted by an Inhabitat reader.