Published: December 11, 2014


The Wonder Box recipes and instructions originated from a booklet published by “Compassion” of South Africa in 1978, 1979 and 1980.  “Compassion” registered the name Wonder Box and the logo of the kneeling figure. This information may be freely quoted, acknowledgments being made to “Compassion”

Wonder Boxes work like vacuum flasks, or as some call them, Thermos bottles. In these days when we are being warned of worldwide shortages of food and fuel, this wonder box and its simplicity is designed to keep food at the temperature needed for cooking. Using very little fuel you only use about 15 minutes of energy to bring the food to the required temperature and then put it into the Wonder box. It makes it as though it were a thermos. On the flip side it will also keep ice-cream cold for around 4 hours.

The Wonder Box was designed for cooking meals, but it can also be used for keeping food hot, cold, or even frozen, for 3-6 hours depending on what it is. For example, frozen meat will stay frozen longer than a tub of ice cream. Of course, frozen takes too long to thaw even without a Wonder Box.

The cushions filled with polystyrene beads can be washed with hot water and soap and hung on the line to dry.

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