Source: Getsolarella

Published: December 3, 2014


Solarella is a high-powered beach or garden umbrella equipped with solar modules so that you can charge your phone, tablet pc, or even camera all while relaxing, undisturbed in the sun! Pop those earplugs out and groove aloud to a boundless choice of music through built in Bluetooth speakers.

Solarella enables you to enjoy your electronic equipment without the hassle of batteries that are draining.

The LED light and battery pack inside the Solarella allow you to get a great charge even on overcast days or in the evenings.

Stream an infinite selection of music through Bluetooth: Solarella can play any music from your smart phone, tablet or laptop, no wires required.

Solarella is developed with three key tenets in mind: functional design, ease of use and freedom for the user. 

Beautiful in any space. Solarella is designed with the idea to blend design and functionality.

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