Published: June 25, 2014


Jason Browne and David Hunt are two 23 year olds, fresh out of Drexel University who are in the process of building a company called SPOR that could completely change how we interact with our mobile devices.  For every outdoor concert you’ve been to where your phone hit 0% midway through the opening acts.  For every time your iPad died in the middle of a presentation because your charger fell out the night before.  For every third world country where outlets are few and far in between—SPOR is here to help.

SPOR is a self-regenerating solar battery charger and power system for USB devices that can either be charged by an outlet or passively via the sun. It can charge multiple devices at once, and can charge a phone practically as fast as a wall outlet can. Additionally, the device’s shell is customizable to suit anyone’s tastes: it can be 3D-printed from any material you can find, in any color imaginable.

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