Published: May 29, 2014


Bioserie toys are an innovative solution for all parents who want to enjoy nicely designed products while preserving their babies’ health and our environment.

Bioserie toys are a safer and cleaner alternative for everyone. They are made of plants, certified fully biobased and free of chemicals that are known to cause health problems. They are designed to help you entertain, educate and nurture your babies while enabling you to consume responsibly with their significantly lower carbon footprint and annually renewable raw materials.

Bioserie offers the inherent health safety of biobased and natural materials. Unlike oil-based plastic toys, potentially harmful chemicals like BPA, PVC, phthalates, styrenes 
and heavy metals never enter Bioserie toys.

As the raw materials we use are derived from plants and NOT oil, our products have a considerably reduced carbon footprint. Plant resources used in the manufacturing of our raw materials are annually renewable.