Published: January 30, 2014


Liam S. Whittaker

Most of us want to change the world and millions of us change the world every day. There are those that put smiles on people’s faces, those that make people laugh, people that inspire others, ordinary people making a difference everyday. Technological and healthcare advancements have vastly improved the lives of many, but many things are worse than ever like war and mass poverty. What if we could democratise and localise the way we live, the way we work and the way we do business. After all isn’t the internet doing this right now? What if the answers and ideas are already out there? Is it just that the status quo is too comfortable? Renewable energy and electric transport have been around for decades and sustainable living for thousands of years. These are ways we can really change the world.

What if today’s plastics could be made from materials that were not only sustainable but non toxic? Today, our plastics are made from oil which means not only are we putting toxic chemicals into our atmosphere, but we are also filling our environment with products that cannot bio-degrade.


A new company out of Australia has created a promising new product called Zeoform and it is made only from water and cellulose take from hemp plants. This means their plastic is not only eco-friendly in production but is also biodegradable!

Zeoform is a part of changing the world, it is a part of a revolutionary and sustainable movement, a movement that if participated in by millions could dramatically change the way the world works and the way it looks.

As stated on their website:

Zeoform is a revolutionary material that changes everything. Made from cellulose fibres and water – and absolutely nothing else! Our patented process converts cellulose fibres into a super strong high tech moulding material capable of being formed into a multitude of products. ZEOFORM is 100% non-toxic, biodegradable and ‘locks up’ carbon from waste into beautiful, functional forms.

According to Zeoform, their product is very durable and relies only on the natural process of hydrogen bonding that takes place when cellulose fibres are mixed with water. No glue or bonding material is necessary because the bond created is already so strong. The final material can be formed into almost anything and can be cut, routed, machined, drilled, screwed, nailed and glued in the same way wood and wood composites can be. It can also be coloured/dyed, and finished in any way creators like.

The material is water and fire resistant inherently and can be enforced further in both categories with some small adjustments to ingredients. The product can be made into anything from car parts to paper, moulds, furniture, and even musical instruments – the possibilities are endless.


Given the practicality of the product, the company hopes to expand their patented technology and begin offering manufacturing licensees to larger facilities around the world. Given the fact that there is a lot of infrastructure already set up where this type of product can be built, switching over from non-sustainable and toxic methods to methods Zeoform uses is very possible and should be a high priority given our environmental state. Sure it might mean disaster for big oil, but isn’t it time we put us and the environment before profit?

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