Published: January 15, 2014


The nPower PEG is the world’s first mobile device charger that generates renewable energy from movements like walking, running, and biking. Keep the PEG in your briefcase, backpack, or purse and go about your daily activities. As you move, the PEG continually recharges its internal battery with your kinetic energy. The PEG can also be conveniently used as a traditional rechargeable external battery.

About the Designer

82b44aa59f2260dc2813435f80b214a0 thumb Aaron LeMieux

Aaron LeMieux began thinking about generating renewable energy from his own movement during a long-distance backpacking trip on the Appalachian Trail. In addition to realizing how often he had to stop to charge his devices, he also noticed the untapped kinetic energy from his backpack as it moved up and down against his body. Thus, the idea for the nPower PEG was born.