Published: December 13, 2013


This charger harvests kinetic energy to generate electricity, and is perfect for outdoors enthusiasts who don’t typically have access to electrical outlets and who want to eliminate the need for batteries.

The PEG is Easy to Use

  1. Place the nPower® PEG upright in your favorite bag
  2. Walk, run, or bike
  3. Connect the PEG to your cell phone, Mp3 player, or other hand-held device
  4. Press the button. -Your nPower® PEG will begin charging your device from your personal, renewable energy

Quick-Charge Your nPower® PEG

Your PEG is a hybrid charger, meaning it accepts a charge from a USB computer port, wall charger, and from your body’s movement.

Once the PEG’s internal battery is fully charged, it holds that charge for up to 100 days sitting still.  If it’s in your bag moving and harvesting kinetic energy, your PEG will continue to stay charged beyond 100 days.

Emergency Use

In an emergency, vigorously shaking an empty PEG for 10 minutes will give you enough charge to make a short phone call from a dead phone.

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