Published: August 23, 2013


SONIC BLOOM, 2013, Pacific Science Center, Seattle Center, Seattle WA. Dan Corson

By Sarah Laskow

In Seattle, artist Dan Corson has partnered with the city to create this installation of solar panels that look like giant flowers, right out of a Dr. Seuss book. The project is called Sonic Bloom.

Created on behalf of Seattle city light’s green up program, which supports the development of renewable energy systems, five giant solar flowers absorb the sun’s energy — reflecting it at night with patterned LED lighting. sensors located in each flower are triggered by people’s movement, as the 40’ high by 20’ wide super-sized flowers set off a chorus of interactive harmonic tones.

That’s right — they also sing. Here’s what that sounds (and looks) like:

Kind of gives you a shiver, doesn’t it?