Published: April 26, 2013

Bonnie Alter

Bonnie Alter

Inhotim is part sustainable botanical garden, part artistic wonder. Located in Brazil, its 240 sprawling acres sit on what was once a mining site.

Today it’s a carefully tended landscape that includes lush vegetation and rare plant species, five lakes and a preserved forest.

It was started by Bernardo Paz, whose vision was a melding of art and nature that can be accessed by anyone. And while its focus is to deliver an experience to visitors, the park remains dedicated to doing that while creating as little environmental impact as possible. Inhotim carefully monitors its use of raw materials, limits its waste, and ensures it recycles all that it can.


credit: Myra B.

These three VW Beetles by Jarbas Lopes have a wonderful story behind them. Called Troca-Troca or Swapping: VW Beetles, they are made made from exchanged parts amongst the three cars. Lopes traveled with friends across the country in the cars.

In these huge toys we traveled nearly a thousand miles, with a supporting cast of six, to the south of Brazil for the inauguration of the Contemporary Art Museum of Curitiba. Over a week, we pasted stickers on windows and windshields with palindromes coordinating the interchange among the vehicles, of people with vehicles, of places with people, and so forth.