Published: December 15, 2012

By Beth Buczynski

Surviving without electrical power isn’t something we’re very good at any more. Here in the U.S., if you don’t have electricity at home, it’s usually because of a storm or your roommate forgot to pay the bill again. For millions around the world, however, reliable electricity is never taken for granted. In fact, most people don’t even have access to it at all.

According to figures from the International Energy Agency, at least 20 percent of the planet’s inhabitants are still without the simple luxury of a light switch. Many depend on wood fires, kerosene lamps, and other dirty, dangerous sources of energy for just a little bit of light and heat. Despite its silly-sounding name, the WakaWaka Solar Light is a smart way to replace these expensive fossil fuels without the need for a lot of infrastructure or technical support. Now, the launch of a new and improved WakaWaka charging device has provided a unique ability to put these solar lights into the hands of those who need them most.


Image via WakaWaka

First, there was the original WakaWaka, billed as the world’s most efficient solar LED lamp, which successfully launched through Kickstarter last year. The lamp’s patented innovative solar power management technology provides for superior charging capabilities results in no less than 16 hours reading light on less than a full day of sunlight.

Now, after many requests the company has launched another crowdfunding campaign, this time for the WakaWaka Power, a device capable of charging practically any type of smartphone while still providing excellent off-grid illumination. The WakaWaka Power is a pocket size mini power station with super efficient solar cells and a power management system which, according to the company, is up to 200% more efficient than any other product in the market. Apart from charging your smartphone, WakaWaka Power is still a light source which can provide you with up to 100 hours of light on a single day solar charging. Also, like its predecessor it’s designed to fit conveniently on the top of a beverage bottle.

wakawaka solar light

Image via WakaWaka

For a limited time, pledging just $49 (it will likely retail for $79) will ensure that you get one of the first WakaWaka Powers to roll off the line. AND it means that the company will donate a WakaWaka solar light to a family in Haiti currently living without power. Learn more on Kickstarter…