The ​Black Inmate Commissary Fund

About BICF

The Black Inmate Commissary Fund (BICF) is built upon the foundation of abolition of the current carceral state, which disproportionately affects Black communities. BICF’s mission is to divest from the current carceral state by reinvesting in the Black incarcerated community through building agency, equity, opportunity, rehabilitation, and restorative justice.

BICF functions as a mutual aid organization in Atlanta, Georgia, providing aid and programming to Black individuals and families affected by mass incarceration and homelessness. BICF redistributes resources and empowers currently and formerly incarcerated through commissary deposits and book donations, family assistance stipends, and re-entry and rehabilitation support and empowerment programs.

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BICF + Matter of Trust

Due to the intersectionality of environmental justice and racial justice, BICF and Matter of Trust (MOT) are natural partners. BICF shares MOT’s dedication to “linking surplus with need,” demonstrated through these efforts:

MOT Environmental Justice Programs

●  Humanity Adding Solutions

●  Clean Wave Program

●  Global Compost Project


Our Major Programs






Clean Wave