Published: December 16, 2015

Copper water bottle

© Dopper

Margaret Badore

Meet Dopper, a Cradle-to-Cradle water bottle company that’s bringing clean water to Nepal.

Replacing single-use drink containers with a reusable bottle not only cuts down on trash and problems like plastic pollution in the ocean, but it also reduces the amount of new resources and energy needed for the manufacturing process.

The water bottle company Dopper is taking that concept a step further, with their Cradle to Cradle certified water bottle. The concept of Cradle to Cradle is not only that a product can be recycled, but that it’s designed from the beginning to ensure that the materials can be made back into the same product–not downcycled. So, Dopper will take your water bottle back at the end of its life (or pieces of the bottle should it break) to make more bottles. Or you can put it in municipal plastics recycling.

That said, the bottle is designed to last a long time, and it can be transformed for different occasions. If you want a wineglass on your picnic, you can unscrew the top third and have a cup. If you just want to take it on a run, there’s a sport cap. And the wide mouth of the regular top makes it easy to fill up the bottle from the tap.

The Cradle to Cradle certification also means that the material used and the manufacturing process is non-toxic and conserves water. According to Dopper’s website, the manufacturing process is “climate neutral.”

Dopper Cradle-to-Cradle water bottle

© Dopper

The water bottles are manufactured in the Netherlands, but purchases through the online retail site Preserve come with carbon off-sets for customers in the U.S.

Dopper water bottles are designed to encourage people to drink tap water instead of buying plastic bottled water, but many people around the world don’t have access to this source of potable water. That’s why the company also started the charitable Dopper Foundation, which is helping set up safe drinking water and sanitation systems in remote regions of Nepal. Five percent of net profits from Dopper water bottles are donated to the foundation.

If you don’t need another water bottle and still want to support this work, you can donate directly the to the foundation.